Project Simplify - Week 3

I am over halfway through Project Simplify.  These projects have been border-line life changing for me.  Not quite up there with marriage or becoming a mom, but I think I've come to a turning point.  Don't get me wrong...I will probably always have "issues" with being organized, but this has been wonderful training for what it looks and feels like to keep our home simple.  

This week's hotspot - children's clothes and toys.  Thankfully, we have only had to deal with this for the past 9 months, so it wasn't too overwhelming and I have a 6 month old nephew...who is super adorable...that I've been passing clothes on to...that were giving to us from my other super adorable nephew.    

My system.  Sticky notes labeled w/ size - brilliant huh?

It is not possible for me to organize anything without it looking like a complete cyclone first. 

Max helped with the toys. 

                   Before                          After    

The toys we keep in our living room.

Empty boxes Wes made for future toys.  

            Before                                 After  

  Before                                  After





Looking forward to Hotspot #4...


  1. WOW!! Great job! You have inspired me! Although we'll be moving soon- so you've inspired me to move with organized-style. :)

  2. Abby, I desperately need to do tihs in my pantry, my bedroom closet and the closet in the kids closet. I think mine are worse than yours, how are you not overwhelmed with where/how to start?



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