Sunday Snapshot {3 screams for Uncle Matt}

I got to see my brother this weekend.  We live in Indiana.  He lives in Georgia.  We didn't know he was coming. 

Well... my husband and Matt's girlfriend knew he was coming.  

My brother, Matt, Max and I

Apparently, when Matt walked through the door, I quickly put Max down and screamed.  And cried.  Shocker.

Max wasn't a fan of my screaming.  He screamed. 

Dad walked in and saw Matt and yelled his name.

Max wasn't a fan of his Grandpa's yelling.  He screamed.

We watched The Preakness.  Lots of yelling.  

Max wasn't a fan of  everyone yelling at the TV.  Max screamed.

We gotta toughen that boy up.

My entire family was under the same roof.  {Picture Post to come}

I loved seeing my brother.  

I always love seeing my brother.

Sunday Snapshot


  1. beautiful family! glad you got to spend time with some loved ones!

  2. That's so fun you got to spend time with your brother :) I just read through your adoption story page and your story is beautiful!! Coming from the international adoption side of things, I haven't seen too much into domestic adoptions so it's really awesome to get a chance to read about and see it firsthand :) Max is adorable!!!

  3. :) I love surprise visits from family!

  4. Awesome. My brother and I are close too. He lives in Georgia as well. We just got to go spend some time with him and his family recently and it was great. We always seem to pick up right where we left off. :)



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