I Don't Like Snow.

I don't like to be outside in the snow.  I don't like to drive in the snow.  I don't like to be cold.  And I don't like having a zillion layers on.

But seeing this face...

...makes it easier to endure the cold and miserable wind.


We bundled up again when Wes got home.

Max broke out his lawnmower when he saw Wes with the snowblower.  He's such a good helper.

Then Wes and Max figured out that the lawnmower had a better purpose.

Stay warm and have a great weekend!



  1. What fun pics! Makes me wish that we would have one good snow soon!!

  2. P.s. I tagged you in a post, come by and check it out! Oh and we did end up having a good snow storm the very next day!



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