One Bite at a Time

I've never been a go-getter.  I don't like making decisions.  I'm not very organized.  And I get overwhelmed easily.  I sound like a real winner, huh?

So, when I stumbled across the Simple Mom website last year, it was like I hit the jackpot.  The goal of Simple Mom: living a simple life.  Just what a unmotivated, indecisive, unorganized, slightly stressed person like me needed.

Simple Mom hosted a 5 week Project Simplify series that I loved being a part of.  I bought Tsh's {the head honcho of Simple Mom} book Organized Simplicity which is a great resource for cleaning and organizing every room in your home along with managing your time and family. 

Do I have it all together now?  Absolutely not.  But I'm getting better.  

Well...Tsh created another book called One Bite at a Time.

"One Bite at a Time is an e-book that brings you 52 ideas for simplifying your life. You can do them in any order, at your own pace, and customize them to fit your needs.
Broken down into manageable chunks, One Bite at a Time provides you with steps, tips, links, and motivation to slow down and simplify."

This e-book focuses on 8 different aspects of your life: living green, living well, money management, organizing your mind, organizing your space, relationships, taking care of yourself, and time stewardship.  

I purchased it last year for $5 {which is a steal of a deal}.  You can have this amazing book for $4 by using the code below.  You have until next Tuesday, January 10.  

Do yourself a favor and check it out!



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