Where's the Love? Wednesday {1.11.2012}

What I'm loving this week...

Wes installing a new garage door motor.  Max will be moving into the room above the garage. {I'll post pictures of Max's big boy room when we're finished}  The garage door motor sounded like a plane taking off...not conducive for a little one sleeping.

Max was a big helper too.

Finding an activity to keep Max entertained.  And it's helping others.  I know...major choking hazard.  I was with him the entire time.

I love the way he's sitting...


Max giving himself shots.  

Checking to see if there are any air bubbles...

He says, "shot", sticks it in and then says, "ow".

Hope your day is lovely.



1 comment:

  1. So cute!!!!!! Why can't they remember that it only hurts for a second at the doctors office?



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