Where's the Love? Wednesday {5.16.2012}

What I'm loving this week...

This guy...

...saving us over $300 by fixing the front passenger-side seat belt in our car on his own...and I no longer have to be chauffeured around town when we go somewhere together.  That was awkward.

This kid...as always...

...he's growing up so fast.  He already has a mustache.

I was upstairs putting away the laundry {one of my least favorite things to do}...and came downstairs to this.

Sure, Max.  Help yourself to a pear.  What a juicy mess.

Spending the weekend with Wes' parents. 

This shirt.  I got it here.  This adorable shop is one of over 50 businesses that is supporting this awesome organization during the month of May.

Max taking "the kids" for a walk with his new stroller.  Wes isn't thrilled about the color scheme, but when I saw Max pushing it around at a garage sale, I had to buy it.  $2 well spent.

Enjoying a cupcake at our cake shop.

Playing at the park with friends.

I hope you take time today to find the lovely in your life.



  1. That little mustache is hilarious! He is a cutie pie!

  2. awww! i actually laughed at him pushing the doll stroller. what a cutie!



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