Made with Love {May Day Baskets}

Happy May Day!  

I decided to make some baskets for our neighbors this year.  They were super easy to make {took less than an hour} and it was inexpensive {less than $6 for 9 neighbors}.

This is what I used to make the baskets. You can get the Jiffy pots in most garden sections of your local grocery store.  The fabric is a sheet that I got at Salvation Army.

How to:
Make a hole on either side of the pot using your hole punch.  You want to make the hole big enough that you can get the fabric through, but not too big that the fabric won't hold.  I did 2 hole punches side by side.  You also want to make sure that your hole isn't too close to the edge of the pot.

Plant your flowers.  Make sure to not fill it past the holes on the sides.  Now would be a good time to water them lightly. 

Cut out your gift tags and punch a hole at the top and string the fabric through.

Attach the fabric by tying knots on the inside of the pot.


Max was such a good helper.

He made sure the flowers smelled good enough to give to the neighbors.

And he was very gentle as he was holding them.

Nothing says, "Happy May Day!" like a monster truck shirt.

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  1. Precious idea! LOVE it! And what a handsome helper!

  2. Aww he's so cute helping you out!! Love it

  3. These are so stinkin cute! I'm proud of all your creativity lately!

  4. Very Cute! I wish I was your neighbor! Max must of had fun, I love the picture of him smelling the flowers. Kisses from Auntie B.

  5. How nice! I bet your neighbors enjoyed this surprise.



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