For the Love of Books

I read to Max a lot.  I love it.  He loves it.

Here are a few of his current favorites.

Another Monster at the End of This Book is at the top of the list because there is a page where you get to scream like this.

Apparently, Max thought my set up needed a little something extra...

It does add a lovely touch.  Don't you think?

 What books are your kids loving these days?



  1. Abby, C loves the Monster at the End of the Book (original) and the one with Elmo too! Both kids love "HICCUPotamus" and I must admit its fun for the reader too.

  2. We are loving "I love you, Stinky Face." It's such a great book for boys and their mamas. I am trying to avoid Curious George, because I think we've read those stories 876 times. Just an estimate :)



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