{Practicing} Thankfulness

It's always good to practice a little thankfulness...

Thankful for my Memorial Day tradition of spending the day in Shipshewana with my mom and sister. Nothing says "lovely memories" like flea markets, 95 degree weather and sweat.  I did get a juicer, a tape measurer for Max, a tray, a belt, 2 ferns, popcorn kernels, popcorn salt and sesame sticks.

Another tradition...my sister being pregnant on our Memorial Day trip.  Can't wait to meet my niece or nephew in October!

Thankful for another trip to the zoo with my sweet, little family.


Thankful for warm weather that allows for sleeveless shirts on my favorite almost-two-year-old.

Thankful that I have so many things to be thankful for.

Linking up with these lovely ladies.

a punk, a pumpkin and a peanut  


10-4 Good Buddy questions will go up tomorrow.  I would love for you to join the fun!


  1. Is that Turtle real? Love your blog. It is really fresh and clean looking. Nice. I so need a blog update. Thanks for the inspiration, now I need the know how!

    1. Not a real turtle. Thanks for the blog LOVE! :)

  2. your family is so cute! I love seeing what y'all are up to :)

  3. I am thankful for our tradition too, had fun with you and Mom. Have you tried your popcorn yet? Was curious how that tasted? I love you!

  4. You and your sister, are you twins? Seriously look like you could be if you aren't but I am think you are. Sorry if I should know this by other posts by now, but ahem...I'm kinda new here. Also I can hardly wait for the next line of questions for 10-4 Good Buddy. I will be back for those questions. Oh how I love me some questions.

  5. Quinn's comment on the picture of your mom and Betsy, "theres Abby and her mom. That is a beautiful mom." Susie should be flattered. :)

  6. You have a beautiful family!! love your blog :)



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