Just So I Don't Forget...

On Mother's Day, I walked down stairs and you pointed to my dress and said, "Cute."  Best Mother's Day gift ever.

You call pretzels "prackers".

Yesterday, I was looking for my slip {I know...flashback to the 1950's}.  I said to myself, but out loud, "Where's my slip?" and turned around to you handing me my slippers.  Thanks for the effort, buddy.  You are such a good helper and I hope you use your helpfulness to serve others.

If I had a dollar for every time you said, "Papa" I would be a rich woman.

You love carrying bags.

Every time you see a stick, you pick it up and try to break it.  If you can break it, you say "easy".  If you can't break it, you say "hard".  We have lots of sticks.

This is definitely not an "easy" stick.

Any time someone gives you a sticker, it goes right on your face.


You are starting to jump and climb a lot.  We may be in trouble.  Please never learn to crawl out of your crib.

We were at the library and while you were rocking on the snail, you said, "poop".  You are like clockwork with your bathroom cycle, so I was surprised that you needed changed again.  I took you in the bathroom and you didn't go to the bathroom, you just had a watch in your diaper.  Awesome.

When you do push ups like Daddy, you count by whispering, "8....9.....8.....9....".

Max, I can't believe that you will be two next month!  I have loved watching you grow!



  1. You did see my blog post from yesterday right? Keep him in that crib long enough and he will most surely learn to climb out.

    Love this post and feel awfully inspired...think I need to write one like it myself.

  2. there were so many things that made me laugh about this post! what a cute little man you have. and the sunglasses are KILLER. :)

  3. Abby, your little Max is just too gorgeous!2 is such a special age - it doesn't have to be all 'terrible' :) Enjoy every minute with your little munchkin!

  4. So precious. Sweet memories. Also, I love those shades your little man has on. Where are those from?



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