Left to Right...Top to Bottom {June}

1. Hanging with my boy on his birthday.
2. Wes made a rain barrel.  We are in a drought.  Isn't that always how it goes?
3. church + my boys = a heart happy
4. Max loves his lawnmower that he got from Auntie B and Uncle G.
5. Anyone want to guess how this hole got in the orange?
6. Making Papa's ice cream.
7. Max and Wes working on our new walkway.
8. Max making sure his blood pressure is staying in check.
9. Wes + grocery shopping = bringing home candy and/or this Icee.

life rearranged

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  1. Your blog is adorable - I found you from linking up with Life Rearranged - glad I did. Have a blessed weekend :)

  2. did max stick his finger in the orange? that's what jake does haha



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