You Say...

Today, I'm thankful for this blog and all of the memories it holds...

John Maxwell,

{Did you know that was our kid's name?  It is.  He's a fourth generation John.  Wes is actually a John Wesley.  It just had to be done and we love it.}

We are loving the little phrases you are coming up with these days...

"Hold you , mommy" when you want me to hold you.

" Bummer dang it" at completely appropriate times.  {When your block tower falls over, when you spill your milk, etc}  I say bummer, Wes says dang it...we think.  It's amazing the things you don't even realize you say until you have a little one walking around repeating what he hears...  Not appropriate for our 2 year old boy to say even though it does make us giggle.

"Jesus.  Amen" for your prayers.

"Hi, mommy" when I'm in bed with you before nap time.

"Max do it" when you don't want us to help you.

"No" way too often.

"Mommy, are you?" which means, "Mommy, where are you?"

"Band-on, Mommy" when you get hurt and want a band-aid.

Keep the phrases coming, buddy!  Can't wait to hear what you come up with next...

a punk, a pumpkin and a peanut



  1. So sweet! I loved hearing them & will admitt in my head, while I was reading them, I was reading them in a baby voice. =)

  2. Luke says "Mommy hold you", too, when he wants me to pick him up! Love the "Bummer, dang it" - that's hilarious! :) We've caught Luke saying, "Oh geez." haha

  3. This is such a sweet note. I really love how kids say things. The other night there was the cutest little girl who said, "I like your gurt" to which I said "What's that sweetie?" and then she said it again looking at my skirt. "I like your guuurt" OHHH!! SO cute. I go back through my old blog kid quotes with my kids all the time and we all get a good chuckle.
    I bet when Max says Bummer though it's just about the cutest thing EVER!

  4. "Bummer, dang it!" That would crack me up every time. You are reminding me that I need to write all my little guy's phrases down. I forget so quickly...



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