My Portion

Things have been a little rocky on the adoption front the past couple of days...basically, the adoption is up in the air.  

This isn't the place to go into all of the details, but would you please continue to pray for the birth mom and birth father?  

You can pray for us too while you're at it.  

I've been an emotional mess...although today has been much better.  Adoption can do that to you.  I think I cried four times before we had finished eating breakfast yesterday morning.  

Despite all of the unknowns, I know that God is working...

I'm reading through the Bible and I have fallen behind a couple of days.  God knew that would happen and He knew I needed to read this yesterday.

He is ALL I need.  

Regardless of the outcome, I can wait for Him because He is trustworthy, faithful and his loving kindness will never, never fail me.  

His Word also keeps telling me that His purposes are for my good.  

I'm so thankful that Abby encouraged me to do this reading plan with her because it has been just what I have needed to keep my focus on The One who has EVERYTHING under control.  

She's a good friend like that.

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  1. Abby, I will be a prayer warrior for you & your family & the birthfamily. We are waiting on a decision today or Monday for a match. I'm such a mess. Adoption is hard. Adoption is complicated & messy. I pray that God fill you with peace. I was reading Hebrews the other day & reminded of the faith that these people had in following God & His will. Abraham was only told once to sacrifice his son & Abraham fully intended to do as God commanded. I think God is asking us all to be patient in His perfect will. To Trust. To be joyful despite the pain. Because at the end of the day, our hope is in Him and He is all you need. Praying for you soo much. I hope we hear only good news from here on out. Please, if there is anything else I can do, let me know. -Ashley

  2. Lots of prayers and hugs and peace for you. And your family. And knowledge and guidance and support and peace for the birth family.

  3. it's funny how god knows exactly what we need sometimes... i mean all the time :) prayers for your family abby!



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