Left to Right...Top to Bottom {July}

I decided to give Fat Mum Slim's photo a day challenge a try.  We'll see if I do it again for August.  It's kind of a lot of pressure...but I did get some fun pictures that I probably wouldn't have taken otherwise. 

Warning: A few of the pictures are slightly abstract and won't make a lot of sense without looking at my captions on instagram.  I promise, I'm not going crazy.

1. self portrait
2. busy
3. best part of your day
4. fun
5. on the floor
6. chair
7. garden
8. lunch
9. big

10. your favorite color
11. letter
12. texture
13. open & 16. sign
14. building
15. finger
17. your addiction
18. plate - oops...missed this one.
19. animal

20. eyes
21. 9 o'clock
22. upside down
23. mirror
24. a stranger
25. heart
26. sunshine
27. on the road
28. cup
29. last thing you bought
30. calm
31. toothbrush

Want to try August's photo a day challenge?  Here's the list...  If you decide to do the challenge and will be using instagram, let me know what your username is in the comment section below.  I would love to see what you come up with!


10-4 Good Buddy questions will be posted tomorrow.  You can link up your answers on the 4th.  Can't wait!



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