Just Like Daddy

We bought Max golf clubs for his birthday this year.  
We had no idea that he would love them as much as he does.  
He's in our back yard every day hitting balls.  {It's so nice finding something that occupies him for a long period of time.}  That doesn't happen much in our world.

I don't know about you, but the time between dinner and bedtime can sometimes be a little rough at our house.
So, we decided to take Max out to the golf course down the road.
We took Max last year, but that was before he was super mobile.  
It was also before he realized he could have an opinion of his own...

We've gone a couple times as a family and Wes will take Max if they are having a boy's night.
It's now one of our favorite things to do.  

The reason I love it so much is because I know Max wants to be just like his daddy.
Daddy watches golf, so Max wants to watch golf.
Daddy swings a golf club in the house, so Max wants to swing a golf club in the house.  
{Thankfully, we have high ceilings and thankfully, Max has plastic clubs for in the house.}
Daddy goes to the golf course, so Max wants to go to the golf course.


Right now, we're just sticking with the practice putting green and the driving range, but I know that Wes can't wait for the day that they can go out on the course and really start golfing together.


The mother in me hopes that there will be lots of father-son chats, but even them spending time together without saying a word is a precious and important thing.



Wes isn't perfect...
{Neither am I.}
...but I'm so thankful that Max has a dad who is doing his best to live a life worthy of being looked up to.

How about Max's camera smile?  It cracks me up.

What is your family's favorite after dinner activity?

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  1. I'm your newest follower from A Punk, A Pumpkin, and A Peanut. :)

    Awww...he is just too cute!



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