Project Simplify - Week 4

This week's Hot Spot - the pantry and refrigerator.

I had this grand idea to do the entire kitchen since many of our disorganized cabinets have been bothering me for a while.

Monday, I did nothing - I procrastinate.

Tuesday, I began following Tsh's book, Organized Simplicity, and de-cluttered the countertops, washed the cabinets (much needed) and the appliances.

Wednesday, I got sick with the flu.  Not part of the plan.

Thursday, I emptied most of the cabinets. My cabinets with dishes, glasses, pots and pans did not need to be organized - so I left those alone.

Imagine stuff all over the floor too.
My least favorite cabinets...

The deep, deep cabinets
Forgot to take a picture before emptying.

The pantry

 I have 5 bottles of Sweet Baby Ray's barbeque sauce and 20 million cans of diced tomatoes.

The under-the-sink cabinets

The fridge

The freezer

One of my friends (If you're reading this - Hi, Emily!) is having a garage sale in May to raise money for an awesome organization called Lifesong for Orphans.  She doesn't know it yet, but she is getting a couple boxes of kitchen stuff to add to her collection.


  1. Great job, Abby!!! You inspire me.. but I haven't gotten off the couch during the girls' naptime to get things started. :)

    I read once in a pregnancy magazine to use an empty baby wipes container to put plastic bags into. Awesome idea, huh? I have yet to do that too. ;)

  2. I forgot to say: Get well soon!!!!! Hope the flu has passed!

    Love your new picture in your header!!! Well the layout- it's awesome!!!

  3. Great job again! I'm sorry to hear you got the flu too. We are so sick in our house. I have a mega mega cold I got on the drive down to FL, Olivia has a croup cough and last night Hannah was running a very high fever and even now she is just laying on Papa's chest. At least Florida is a good place to recover. Have a great week, we will try our best to enjoy being outside!

  4. @irishtwinsmommababybook

    Feeling much better! Thankfully, it was a 24 hour flu bug.



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