Project Simplify - Week 5

So this is it - the last week of Project Simplify.  For the Grand Finale, we got to choose whatever we wanted to do.  I decided to do the four remaining closets in our house.  

Guest bathroom closet 

This next picture is a little very embarrassing.  Just get ready.  It's not a closet, but unfortunately turned into the "catch-all" closet-like room.  

Closet in the "catch-all" closet room

Guest bedroom closet

Entryway closet

Yes, there are more coats in the closet now.  That's because we picked them off the floor in the closet room.  

Hope you have enjoyed watching me simplify our home (I'm not done yet). I have loved doing it.  


  1. great job on the closets - and kudos - you created a usable living space too!

  2. Wow! It looks so great. Way to go!!!!



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