Where's the Love? Wednesday {4.6.11}

What I'm loving...
Mawell sporting Wes' Huntington COLLEGE (pre-university) baseball hat.  I love that whenever you put something on Max's head (sunglasses, hat, blanket, toy, etc) he gives you a "performance smile" - Like he knows that's what you are expecting him to do.  


Where is your love this week?  

It can be fun, lighthearted, deep and meaningful or a little of both.  It can be one thing or many things  It may even be one simple photograph to capture where you're feeling the love.

If you would like to participate, link up below.

Don't forget to copy the code under the Where's the Love? Wednesday button and paste it into the body of your love post.  

Can't wait to start sharing the love!


1 comment:

  1. I think it was my turn to not submit my Where's the Love! I'm so sorry. Next week will be a good week for both of us! :)

    Max is adorable! He does have 'it!'



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