So Long, Sophie...or Gerry

This is how excited Max gets when he sees Sophie the Giraffe.  My dad renamed him Gerry the Giraffe because every toy animal's name needs to have alliteration.


Max is especially fond of Sophie...or Gerry while he's teething.  Max has one tooth that has finally popped through.  I think a few more are coming. 

Yesterday, on our walk through the neighborhood, we took Sophie...or Gerry along with us.  Little did we know that this would be the last time we would see the beloved giraffe.  Some time during the walk Sophie...or Gerry was hurled out of the wagon by Max.  I'm sure Max didn't know the true consequences of his actions and I didn't know what had happened until later in the day when I took the blanket out of the wagon.  Wes went looking for Sophie...or Gerry - no luck finding our teething friend.  So long, Sophie...or Gerry.


  1. Ouch!! I did that with my first born's blankie. Felt horrible. Day before Thanksgiving after a walk to the local shopping center.... no where to be found. Have you tried frozen washcloths?

  2. I have a Sophie. You may borrow her. (Or Gerry, whichever).

  3. @Matt and Abby

    I would love to borrow your Sophie. But yeah, we may need to rename her...

  4. @irishtwinsmommababybook

    Someone else just mention the frozen washcloths. I will have to try that!



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