Better Late Than Never...

A couple of weeks ago,  I told you that I would fill you in on our last meeting with L (Max's birthmom).

Better late then never...

For our 3rd meeting with L, we opted to not go to Chuck E. Cheese.  I'm sure most of you are thinking - It's about time!

We ended up meeting L at her apartment because her car wasn't working. We were able to help her get that situation taken care of.  Once again...God's timing is perfect

The week before meeting with her, one of my prayers was that Max would perform all of the new things he had been doing lately.  You know how it is...when you want your kid to clap, they just look at you like you're crazy.  Thankfully, he did all of his new "tricks".  

Max with L
We were with L for a little over 2 hours.  I love how much she loves Max and I love that she looks us in the eyes and tells us we're doing a good job raising him.  

I had something on my mind for a while and wanted to ask L about it.  One of my favorite things about L is that she will tell you pretty much anything if you ask.  So this is what I asked her.  

Did you ever consider having an abortion?

She immediately said no and told us that it wasn't the baby's Max's fault that he was in that situation.  He deserved to have a life.  

I immediately said thank you for choosing life for Max.  What else do you say?  I find myself asking this question often when I'm with L.

I'm so grateful for her choice and thankful to God for protecting his life.

On a side note:  We Are Grafted In is featuring my Chuck E. Cheese Meltdown post on their blog today.  Go check it out by clicking on the button below.

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  1. He is so BLESSED! Abby u r doing an amayzing job raising Max. I loved u from day 1. And I will love u till the day after forever!!!!!!!



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