2011 - A week in the life of - Sunday

Read this post to see why I'm doing this.  Or don't...but you really should.  Because she's cool.

6:00 - Wes gets up to go running.  I stay in bed.

7:15 - I wake up and think, "I'll just lay here for a few more minutes.  Max will be up any time."

7:50 - Wake up.  Realize that it's been a little longer than a few minutes.  I think I hear Max, so I hurry and take a shower.  Get dressed.  Get Max.  Feed Max...let me rephrase that...attempt to feed Max.  He downed his milk in 2 seconds and apparantly didn't want his oatmeal.  Not good knowing that he's going to be in the church nursery for 3 hours.  Feed him a banana.  Get Max dressed.  Do dry my hair.

8:40 - We're out the door for church.  On the way, I realize that I didn't brush my teeth, put on deoderant or put on any makeup.  Awesome.  I also didn't have my phone, but that won't be a surprise to anyone that really knows me.

9:00 - 12:00 - Church service and Sunday School.  If you read Abby's post, you know that every girl in the class cried at some point during Sunday School.  Oh, those poor men...

12:30 - Mexican takeout

1:00 - Max naps.  Wes naps.  I read.

2:30 - I nap.  Wes and Max are still napping.

5:00 - Go up stairs to wake Max up.  He usually sleeps until 4:00.  We'll take an extra hour any day.  The three of us watch golf and Max was loving it which brought pure joy to Wes.  He would clap {Max, not Wes} every time the ball went in the hole.  He was glued to the TV and he normally could care less about television.

5:30 - Fed Max.  Wes and I weren't hungry.

6:00 - Went to small group to talk about vacation bible school.  We all brought our kids and we now know why we don't normally have our kids at small group...

8:30 - Max goes to bed.  Wes is trying to find some spare parts for our gate at the bottom of the stairs online and I am doing some research for a future blog post.

10:30 - I was going to bed until I read Abby's post and figured I'd join the fun.

11:00 - Hit "publish post".  Off to bed.


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