Sunday Snapshot {new outfit and a festival}

Another outfit from Max's birthmom.  Remember this outfit?  Wow, he's changed!  

I think this outfit is adorable and I'm shocked that it fits!  Size 2T.

We met with L, last Tuesday at a park .  We had a good time.  We prayed in the car on the way {I promise Wes didn't close his eyes} that Max would not be all "stranger-danger" with his birth family, especially L, his birthmom.  At first, he wouldn't go to anyone but L.  He still gave her a very serious staredown, but he didn't cry.  I'm not sure if that was God answering our prayer or if there is something about her that he knows is familiar.  Oh, how I wish I knew what that sweet boy was thinking.  Maybe it was a little of both.  By the end of our time together, he was pretty comfortable and was showing his personality. 


You can't have a new outfit with no place to go...

So we went to one of our city's many festivals yesterday.  {It was stinkin' hot, I'm not sure what we were thinking.} 

Family picture.

We saw some sidewalk art.

Then we got some ice tea, went to some art booths, saw some bodybuilders posing for pictures and left.  Remember - we were hot.  Even in 90 plus degree weather, I love doing stuff with my little family.

Sunday Snapshot


  1. Max is so adorable. Looking back at the other outfit, it's so funny because way back then I thought (and I know you did) that he was just the cutest thing. But somehow he as gotten even more good looking! How is that possible?
    Also, I was hoping you had gotten the new outfit.
    Looks like fun yesterday!

  2. What a good looking kid. Those sidewalk arts are amazing!

  3. He is so stinkin' cute! And I know about the heat thing. It has been so bad my kids haven't wanted to step foot outside to play. :(

  4. Your little Max is precious!



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