Link Love {2 giveaways, ice cream and more ice cream, and adoption through foster care}

Giveaway at Scottyboy and Katygirl for 2 very fun headbands from Pocketful of Zoe.  This one is my favorite...

Dont forget about my giveaway for the nook/kindle case.  Tomorrow night {Saturday} at 11:59 is the deadline to leave a comment.  Make sure you leave your comment under the giveaway post...not this one.  I'm sure Christy is hoping that no one else leaves a comment.  I would say her odds of winning the "random" selection are pretty good.

Want to make a different kind of ice cream?  This green tea ice cream looks pretty delicious to me.  The first time I had green tea ice cream was in Chicago.  Perfect for a hot, summer day.

Speaking of a hot, summer day... Wouldn't you love to have an amazing ice cream cake right about now?  If you don't live in the Fort Wayne area, you're out of luck.  If you do, go to our cakery's website to see how to get one.  Nice plug, huh?

His Plans are Bigger Than Ours - guest post from See Jamie Blog about their adoption journey via foster care.

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  1. Oh thanks so much for all of the great links! You have made it so easy to check out some great blogs.



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