2011 - A week in the life of - Monday

7:45 - Out of bed.  Snooze went off for 2 hours...since Wes got out of bed.  How pathetic is that?  I think I can find the snooze button in my sleep.

8:00 - Get Max up.  Feed him.  I need to bite the bullet and start letting him feed himself with a spoon.  He doesn't like me to feed him much these days.

8:30 - Max had blanket time for 5 minutes.  He did a pretty good job of staying on the blanket.  I think he only tried to crawl off twice.  The goal is 30-45 minutes which will get him ready for room time.

9:00 - Max and I ran some errands for last minute VBS items

10:15 - On our way home, I was listening to an interesting program in the car and didn't want to miss it so continued to drive to the park in Leo.  Not a ton for Max to do at this park, but he loved it.  He spent most of his time crawling down stairs backwards.  One of his new skills.  I guess he figured bear-crawling down stairs isn't the safest way to maneuver.

11:30 - Lunch - For Max toasted peanut butter and jelly, orange sweet peppers, bananas and milk.  I had a spinach salad.

12:00 - Looked over VBS crafts while Max played.  Watch Reba - don't you judge me.  Played with Max.

1:00 - Naptime for Max - More VBS.  Vacuumed and rearranged our living room.  Went through piles of papers....always piles.

3:00 - Max is getting pretty good at crying in a way that makes me think something is wrong when there isn't.  I go up to get him.  He's sitting up in his crib and I take him downstairs.  Bad idea.  Should have just laid him back down.

Spent the next hour pretty frustrated with my boy.  Finally put him back down to sleep again {not thinking he would}.  He slept for another 30 minutes.

4:30 - Made dinner for Max and I.  Wes had a dinner with the other PA's.  Wes comes home before his dinner.

5:30 - Max and I left for VBS - We ended up with 48 {I think} kids!  Which is awesome.  It's just our small group and a few other brave souls doing it and I think it went really well!

8:30 - Home.  Put Max to bed.

9:00 - Max is crying {He rarely wakes up after putting him to bed}  I hold him which is really the only time that he is cuddly so I enjoy it.  Lay him back down and he goes to sleep.

10:30 - Max wakes up again.  I do the same as above.

11:00 - Wes gets home ( He went to the TinCaps game after his dinner)  Brings me dessert from his dinner.  I could wait to eat it until tomorrow, but I don't.

11:30 - In bed realizing that I didn't post my "Day in the life of" post.

12:30 - Max wakes up again.  Wes and I both get up.  Wes holds Max.  I get medicine for the boy.  Back to bed.

I have realized that I'm using past and present tense throughout this post.  Sorry, Dad.

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