A Giveaway from a Giveaway

Some of you know that I won an amazing giveaway on the blog Scottyboy and Katygirl.  I won a ton of stuff.  25 gifts total!  To say thank you to the shops that were so generous to donate to this giveaway, I wanted to give them some free advertising.  Here are the first 5 of the 25 gifts with links to the shops.  You should really check them out!  I would be shocked if you didn't find something that you loved!

burlap kindle/nook case
My Sunshine Homemade {she has a blog too}

Here is the giveaway of the giveaway.

I don't have a kindle or a nook.  

Do you?  If you do, go ahead and leave a comment at the bottom of this post. One lovely lady...or gentleman {I don't think I have ever had a man leave a comment on my blog} will be randomly chosen to have this adorable case sent to you!   

The fact that I just said adorable will probably keep most men from leaving a comment.  

You have until 11:59 pm on Saturday, July 23, to enter.  

Bekah Jennings

Saratops {also has a blog}

Dear Nicole {yep, she has a blog too}

zipper pouch
Charm Design

If you end up buying anything from these shops, I would love to know.  Leave a comment to tell me about your purchase!


  1. The nook case brought me out of blog stalking. :) I found you on We Are Grafted In and have been following you and your adorable family ever since! I do have a nook, and I would love to be entered for that awesome case!

  2. Congratulations on winning your loot!!!! Here is my official entry. :)

  3. leaving my comment!...

    I love your blog :) Thanks for commenting on my soap... glad to find yours and glad to get to know you a little better :)

    Have a swell weekend!
    <3 anna



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