10-4 Good Buddy. {August Questions}

In honor of meeting new people and building relationships, each month I host a party called 10-4 Good Buddy.

Here's the scoop.

1. On the 1st of every month, I post 10 questions for you to answer.  

2. On the 4th of that month {or later - you have until the 11th}, you will post your ten answers on your blog with a link back to mine. 

Akers of Love

3. Link up your post at the bottom of my 10-4 post.

4. Take a peek at the other bloggers' posts.

Easy right?  I think it will be fun!  You never know...you may meet someone new!

1. What is your favorite makeup product?
2. What foreign country would you like to travel to?
3. What is the last package you have received in the mail?
4. What is your favorite picture from July?
5. What is your favorite board game?
6. What is your favorite Bible story?  Why?
7. What is your favorite non-fast food restaurant? 
8. What summer Olympics event do you enjoy watching the most?
9. What is your favorite post from July?
10. What famous person would you like to have dinner with? 

Well...there you go!  Have fun!



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