Giveaway Prizes - Part 2

Time for some more of my prizes I won from the Scottyboy and Katygirl giveaway.

Check out Parkside Harmony's adorable sketchbooks/journals

The journal is still blank.  I'm trying to think of how to use it.

Dish and earrings from Vintage Ruby

You may recognize this lovely yellow dish from one of my previous posts.  Well...there was an incident with the dish on a placemat and a curious, little boy that decided to pull the placemat off the table.  The result - a chipped edge and a sad mommy.  However, every problem has a solution, right?  I decided to glue the white flower earrings that I also won {which ended up being bigger than I expected} to hide the unfortunate mishap.  I think it will be used to hold my jewelry.

jessicaNdesigns specializes in hand stamped silverware and jewelry.  
I got to choose a verse to put on a vintage spoon.  I love this prize.  It sits on the shelf next to our kitchen sink.  Such a good reminder for me.

Contemporary art print from Michele Maule

I chose this vintage camera picture for two reasons.  Reason 1 - It makes me thing of my grandma.  She loved her Polaroid camera and yes, she is a firm believer in shaking the pictures.  Reason 2 - I love taking pictures.  Did you know that?

Once again, let me know if you purchase anything from these very generous shops!

Want to see my other winnings?


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