Sunday Snapshot {friends}

The college foursome. 

 I love these girls.  We have known each other since our Freshman year of college.  We were together so often that when we weren't all together someone would always say, "Where are the other girls?"

We got to be a foursome again this weekend.  Even though 3 of us live in the same town, we don't get to be a complete set very often.

Our time together consisted of talking, laughing, telling stories, watching meaningless TV, laughing some more, eating, a movie {The Help - a must see} and Starbucks.

Another friend joined us too and she fits right in.

Girls, thanks for sticking with me for 13 years.  I'm so blessed to have you in my life.

Sunday Snapshot


  1. Makes me miss my girlfirends!

  2. Awe! How sweet! You look like an awesome group!!!
    Thanks for stopping by!



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