It Just Got Easier

It just got easier to support a child through World Vision.  Instead of having to contact me and give me all of your info, you can click here and do everything on your own!

Once you click on the link, you can choose a child that is available to sponsor.  While you are completing your info, don't forget to put Wes' name {first and last} in the box for Athlete's name.  {If you're not sure what our last name is...think real hard while stairing at the top of my blog.  You'll figure it out.}  That way Wes and his team will get credit.  

Ideas for chosing your sponsor child:

Find a child that is the same gender and age as your child.  They can grow up writing letters back and forth.  How fun is that?

Choose a child with the same birthdate as you or someone else that is special in your life.

Choose a child whose birthday is the same as another significant date in your life.

Choose an older child.  Younger kids are usually the first to get chosen.  


If you choose to sponsor a child, I would love for you to leave a comment with the name and age along with how you chose them.  Plus, we will need to chat so you can get your piece of jewelry from The Sparrow Fund

Have a great Tuesday!


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