Just so I don't forget...

Instead of saying "honk, honk", you say "honk, konk".


We started potty training you last week.
For real this time.
When you are sitting on the potty, sometimes you look at me with your big, brown eyes and say, "M & Msths."

You sing the Happy Birthday song at least five times a day...and it's usually your cousin Kobe's birthday.

You're still getting out of bed before you fall asleep.
Last night, though, you only got up twice.
You'll get it one of these days.

You love playing your harmonica...aka monica.


Whoever puts you to bed at night is who you call for when you wake up in the morning.

You cry scream when we drop you off at your Sunday school class.
We're always hoping Olivia will be in there.
You calm down after a bit, but we are looking forward to this stage being over.

Love you always, Max.



  1. I love reading your blog! It always makes me smile and Max is one lucky little man!! :-)

  2. Oh, what fun it is to read the Just so I don't forget entries. I love the Happy Birthday Song. Those boys truely love each other, Kobe jabbers about "Ma" all the time. I also love the Honk Konk... just think you are going to have a slew of your own sayings like we did with you (i.e lay out the sun, pa-corn.) He must get it from his Momma.



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