Thankful {Good Things}

I should be mopping the floor...or going through my paper piles...or folding laundry, but instead I'm going to take a moment to be thankful.

God has given me so many good things.
Some are big things and some are little things, but each one is a huge blessing.
For that I'm thankful.

I'm thankful for God's Word.  
I'm beginning to crave it, which is a big deal for me.
So many times, I have read the Bible out of obligation...knowing it's what I should do.
God is so amazing that even in those times when I was reading His Word out of obligation, He still blessed me and brought me encouragement.

This adoption situation is one of the reasons that I'm craving time with God.
I need Him.
I can't imagine going through this process without Him.
He is the reason I have peace about the outcome...regardless of what happens.

I'm so thankful for the relationship we have made with the birth mom.  
Most likely, she won't be the birth mom of our baby.
Most likely, she will be a mom.
We are still praying for the birth father's heart to change, but we know that God's ways are best.
I have grown to love her and will continue to pray for her and that precious baby boy.

I'm thankful for happy errand running and Wes coming home on his lunch break.

I'm thankful for a mini-vacation to see my sister's family in Grand Rapids.  
Don't fret, Mom and Betsy.  Pictures will be coming in a later post.

 I'm thankful for family date night.

I'm thankful for the rain.

I'm thankful for a play date with a new friend.  I'm also thankful that Max didn't completely tear apart her house.
And I'm thankful for all of you lovely readers who have encouraged me and followed along on our journey.

"Praise the Lord, O my soul;
all my inmost being, praise his holy name...
who satisfies your desires with good things."

a punk, a pumpkin and a peanut


  1. I like this post :) I was just about to dive into my baskets of laundry and sink full of dishes but decided to check out my favorite blogs :) Always enjoy your posts!!

  2. Aww, are you still in GR? That's where I live-though I am in PA leading a VBS this week.

  3. Praying for you. Glad you have found peace about the adoption, no matter the outcome. It's hard, but God is faithful!



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