Left to Right...Top to Bottom


1. Lunch @ McDonald's...Max got stuck in the slide two times.  A sweet little girl helped him down.
2. A perfect afternoon while Max is sleeping.
3. Max helping with the yard work.
4. The one and only pony, Sandy.  We love him.  
5. Max's favorite part of the day on Wednesdays.  We even got a horn honk.
6. Taking a break from potty training to work on his golf game.
7. One of my favorite family pictures.
8. Putting practice.  Did you know that if you place the ball 2 inches from the hole that you're pretty much guaranteed to make the putt?
9. Max reading books with his birthday buddy.
10. Taking a walk with birthday buddy.  His name is Landon by the way.
11. My sweet friend, Jenny got married.  You must watch their sneak peak wedding video.  You will die.  It's amazing and the wedding cake and cupcakes we did made an appearance!
12. Max insists on taking his shirt off when he eats.  I think the boy would be fine never wearing a shirt or shoes.
13. Our first attempt at a date last weekend.  We got to the movies and we had the wrong show times.
14. Take two on date night.  We saw The Bourne Legacy.  Lots of shooting and there was a ridiculous chasing scene, but I had popcorn so I was good.  
15. One of our featured cupcakes for the month...lemon raspberry
16. Carina is selling these adorable necklaces to raise money for their adoption.  I just got mine and I love it.
17.  Max with his cousin's bunny...that he won at the state fair...playing a ping pong carnival game.
18.  A rare moment of Max falling asleep in my arms.  The best.

life rearranged


  1. I LOVE your family picture too! Sweet post. Glad I clicked on your thumbnail! Blessings!

  2. Max looks PRETTY serious about mowing lawns. ;)



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