Myers' Merry Christmas {Picture Post}

We loved being with my family the past couple of days.  It can get pretty crazy and I'm looking forward to getting back to some quieter moments, but I wouldn't trade the memories for anything...

The best gift of the evening...my dad loves telling jokes.  What makes it funnier is that my mom hates hearing them. 

Max couldn't breath with the reindeer nose...

The look on Kobe's face is priceless.  I think he's thinking, "How many times is cousin Max going to climb into this walker-thingy before he realizes that he always gets stuck?"

Uncle G reading to Maxwell.  

My brother and his awesome girlfriend.

A little cousinly love.

Attempting to get pictures of the grandkids in their pj's from Gramma and Grampa.


Max wearing Keeton's glasses.



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