Timing {Adoption Update}

About 6 weeks ago, we had our homestudy with our adoption agency.  We were told it would be completed in approximately 4-6 weeks, maybe even less since they simply had to update the homestudy from Max's adoption.  

I didn't want to be the person that called every day starting at 4 weeks to see when it was going to be done.  Patiently...kind of...I waited until last Friday {the day after the 6 week mark} to check on our status.  

We found out that our homestudy had been emailed to us for review on the 17th of November to the wrong email address.  

While I was ...kind of... waiting patiently, the case worker was wondering why it was taking so long for us to respond.  

Honest mistake. 

And all part of God's perfect timing.  

I wasn't upset, stressed or frustrated.  I'm not saying that to toot my own horn {goodness, I sound old}.  

I am telling you that because it's all because of Christ working in me and I want to give all of the glory to Him.

Because, yes, normally I would get panicky and my whiny voice would come out as I'm telling Wes all about it.  

So, the homestudy situation has been taken care of and we should be active in the next week or so!

Can't wait to see how God works!


Speaking of adoption...a post from my 31 Days of Adoption series is being featured over at We Are Grafted In.  Go check the site out.  It's filled with encouragement for anyone who has a heart for adoption.



  1. You did better than I would have done. I say that I trust God's timing with mouth, but my heart is so much more anxious. I'm not sure if I've learned to lay it all down.



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