18 Months

Our boy is 18 months.  I can't believe how time flies...

Max's newest skill...winking.  Watch out girls. 


 At 18 months you...

dance by spinning around in circles, kicking your leg and squatting up and down 

love your blanket, fruit, brushing your teeth, Sandy and Bill the teddy bears, I Spy books, balls, Elmo and Christmas lights 

say mama, dada, Abby, church, truck, star, baby, Bible, book, no, Papa, Mimi, up, juice {I'm not sure why he says this because he never has juice}, cookie, sock, ball, and hi 

recognize the letters o and m like it's your job {which makes the teacher in me very proud}

give great hugs and kisses

throw or hit the closest thing to you when you're upset {we're working on this}

and love to be chased.

We think that you...

will give us a run for our money in the parenting department over the next couple of months...which will be a good thing because it will make us depend on Him instead of our own abilities.  

We call you...

Max, Maxwell, buddy, mister, Maximilian

We hope you...

stop taking your shoes and socks off in the car

and continue to be a loving, compassionate little boy.

We love you so much Maxwell!


1 comment:

  1. Such a cutie!!! Love his winking. My kids do the sock and shoe take-off in the car too. Drives us crazy!!!



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