Santa's Shady

Old St. Nick from the Macy's Parade was at our mall last night.  We thought we would give it a try since it was free.  I figured it would be crazy.  It was wrapped-around-the-store-crazy.   

We left thinking our little photo shoot wouldn't happen.  Which was fine because in my world, nothing is worth waiting in a mile-long line for...except maybe this ride and this ride at Cedar Point.   

In the meantime, I traded in my phone for Wes' old iPhone.  I guess I'm a big girl now.  

When we got back to Macy's, the line was gone so we were able to walk right up to Mr. Claus.  

Apparently Max's radar sensed that Santa was a little shady...

So this was the best we could do.  

Just for kicks and giggles...

Hope you have a merry day!



  1. This is cute Abby...Ava does not like Santa at all and thinks he's a major creeper. Partly because I told him he was watching her be naughty in the window :) Hope all is Merry this holiday season! Love, Denise

  2. What a great looking Santa!!! And what a great pair of boys you have, Abby!



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