Home Study

Tomorrow, we have our home study for adoption #2.  I am so much more at ease than I was the last time.    I think I cleaned every square inch of our house the first time around and was a little disappointed when our social worker didn't open every drawer and every closet wasn't peaked into.

So my anxiety is replaced with excitement.  Excitement that we are one step closer to being on "the list" and one step closer to growing our family.

Along with the walk-through of the house, the social worker will gather information to be put in the home study.

Here are some topics that may be discussed during your home study visit.  (source)

  • Personal and family background-including upbringing, siblings, key events, and what was learned from them
  • Significant people in the lives of the applicants
  • Marriage and family relationships
  • Motivation to adopt
  • Expectations for the child
  • Feelings about infertility (if this is an issue)
  • Parenting and integration of the child into the family
  • Family environment
  • Physical and health history of the applicants
  • Education, employment and finances-including insurance coverage and child care plans if needed
  • References and criminal background clearances
  • Summary and social worker's recommendations

The moral of the story:  Don't be stressed or overwhelmed.  You won't be denied a child for having a dusty light or chipped paint on your deck.  And the topics you are going to discuss are things you know a lot about.  Enjoy the process.  It's all part of your journey.

How was your home study experience?



  1. I will be thinking and praying for you tomorrow. Even if you are at ease, it must still be nerve racking!!! How exciting!!!!!!

  2. After we did our homestudy, I couldn't understand why everyone made such a huge deal about it. It was not stressful at all!!! We enjoyed meeting the Social worker, and didn't feel any pressure at all! I totally agree, it is something to be enjoyed!

  3. My husband looked at me after she left and said "that was it"?????

  4. @irishtwinsmommababybookThanks, it went very well! She was only at our house for 20 minutes!



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