Adoption Books for Adults

I will be honest.  I have only read one {Adopted for Life} out of these nine books.  This is a list of books I would like to read...

If you have read any of these, I would love to hear your thoughts.

Please link up below with any other adoption books that have been helpful to you.  Link up to the url of the place you could purchase the book {i.e. Amazon}.



  1. My husband and I have also read "Adopted for Life" and can't recommend it enough! It's so well written.

    I just checked out the book "You CAN Adopt" from our library. It is definitely more factual than philosophical. It's really helpful for a newbie like me and explains all different aspects of adoption really well. I'm almost finished with it and I've learned quite a few new things.

    Here's the link:

  2. I have I'm Chocolate You're Vanilla if you want to borrow it. I'll have to find it. EXCELLENT book. I would recommend all friends and family members of adopted/black/biracial kids read it too. In fact, let me just state that every single person I know should read it. Abby B

  3. We have read, "Real Parents, Real Children" and some other books you didn't have listed. There is a book that I HIGHLY recommend... It is called, "The Gift of Sam: A Story of Unspeakable Grace"... It is a book written by a birthmom... And it was amazing for me to read the other perspective.


  4. Great list of books. I want to check out Chocolate and Vanilla and Adopted for life now. Thanks for the suggestions. My favorite adult adoption book is called From Gods Arms To My Arms To Yours. It is beautiful and comes with a CD full of amazing music. The songs are written from a birth grandmothers point of view, birth mothers, childless couple, birth mothers and the adopted child. It is packed full of emotion and love, one that will make you cry. :) If you haven't read it or heard you should check it out.



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