Four {Difficult} Things

Four things that are difficult about adoption:

1. The waiting period.  Waiting for the homestudy to be completed.  Waiting for the agency to call to say a birthmom wants to meet with you.  Waiting at the restaurant for the birthmom to walk through the door.  Waiting to see if the birthmom chose you or liked you.  Waiting for the call that the birthmom is in labor.  Waiting to meet the child God has for you.  Waiting for papers to be signed.  Waiting is hard, but waiting makes the prize at the end amazing. 

2. Thinking about the questions Max will someday ask and the fear of not knowing how to answer his questions.

3. Because of my lack of organization and tendency to procrastinate...the paperwork.  

4.  The humbling experience of a birthmom handing  you your child for the first time. 

What difficult things have you experienced with your adoption?

1 comment:

  1. Our little one just turned one. It was an amazing experience with our birthmom and hard too! What got us through it was knowing it was God's story for us! I treasure every moment. We also adopted internationally from Liberia six years ago. And the amazing part is the birthdad for our littlest is from Liberia too!



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