Four {Surprising} Things

Four things we weren't expecting when we adopted...

1. Wes and I were blessed to be able to experience the birth of Max.  As I imagined seeing him be born, I thought I would have this feeling of overwhelming love for him.  I didn't have it and it made me feel like something was wrong with me.  However, it didn't take long for me to be head-over-heels in love with our little Max.
2. It was love at first sight for Wes.
3. I thought I would miss having the experience of friends and family being able to come visit us at the hospital with our new little bundle of joy.  {We were in another city} It turned out to be a very sweet time of bonding for our new family of three.
4. The relationship we have with Max's birthmom.  We didn't plan most of it, but I know that it's been God's plan all along.

I would love to hear form you!  What adoption surprises have you experienced?



  1. The connection to the adoption community - I didn't realize how much I'd grow to love the community of other adoptive moms.

  2. For me it is so much about number 4. I _never_ could have predicted all that has happened with that.

  3. I feel like the whole thing is a surprise. But none of it is, in a way. That's too hard of a question, I can't answer it.
    Also, I love the picture of Max and the rain in the background!

  4. Since we adopted older children, we thought there would be a lot more to deal with in terms of behaviors and bonding. I was surprised to find out our girls would adapt so easily, and be bonded so soon!



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