He CAN smile!

 It's a miracle!  Look at all of these pictures of Max smiling.  Don't get me wrong...I love my serious boy, but it's so nice to capture some sweet smiles every once in a while.  No furrowed brows in these pictures...

Max already knows that it's so much cooler to sit in a chair backwards.

Today is Max Day!  I'm looking forward to sharing the festivities with you {don't get too excited} in my 31 Days of Adoption series.

Sunday Snapshot


  1. oh my gosh, he is SO cute! love the red metal chair as a prop - perfect for fall photos!

  2. oh he is a cutie pie!!! the serious...the smile...i love it all!!
    oh and max and my emery are only 1 month apart!!
    much love to you guys! what a sweet family!



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