I had other plans for today's post, but I want to share this.  My mom wrote this journal entry during a difficult period in her life.  I thought it was very appropriate for anyone going through the adoption process who has a difficult time letting go {like me} of control.  I hope it blesses you as much as it blessed me.

My life is a journey.
God is the one who plans that journey.
Because He is in charge, He will pack my bags and make sure that I have all that I need.

But I pack my bags too.
I know where I want to go, so I pack for that trip.
I am headed for the beach, I think.

The journey starts and all of a sudden I find myself in the mountains.  
That's where God knew I was going...
but not where I thought I was going!

Instead of going along with the One who knows what is best, 
the One who can see the end from the beginning, 
I complain.
I struggle.
I whine.
"This isn't where I thought you would take me."
"This is too hard."
"I didn't pack for this."

All the while, His suitcase for me is loaded with everything I will need.
He will personally go along with me.
I start to climb in my flip-flops telling Him how hard it is and He stands there with hiking boots in His hand.
He won't make me put them on but they are available if I take them.
How much easier would it be to leave my suitcase behind and use His?

Who knows, I might end up at the beach eventually.
And you know what?
He will have packed for that too.

Lord, help me be willing to go with you without my suitcase...
let me use yours that you have packed with everything I will need.



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