How Much is That Doggy in the Window?

Saturday we went to a harvest party at First Assembly.  There was lots of craziness going on, but we had a good time.  Max was a dog...in case you couldn't tell.

We met up with some friends.  Olivia just happened to have the same costume as Max.  His other friend, Emme, was also a dog.  Must be a popular costume for one year olds.


Her costume was missing something...

...but she still looked as cute as ever.

Max was in a car race {one of the many games that he was too young to participate in}.  See that girl?  She was pumped that she won.  I didn't have the heart to break it to her that she really didn't have much competition.


We're heading to Georgia tomorrow night for our anniversary trip.   

Can you call it an anniversary trip if you're taking your 16 month old?  Anyway...we are excited to see my brother and have a few days to get away.   A getaway from our normal daily schedule, from blogging, from cleaning, etc!

I'll see you back here some time next week.



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