I'm Adopted

So, here we are...It's the last day of my 31 Days of Adoption Series!  I've been thinking since October 1 about what I would write on the very last day.  You have to write something pretty important on the last day, right?  

I've decided to write about my adoption story.  I bet you didn't know I was adopted.

It happened when I was 9 years old...in my parents bedroom.  Strange place for an adoption to take place...I know.  

On that day, I became a part of a new family - God's family.  That was the day that I realized I was a sinner.  I realized that God had sent his son Jesus to die for my sins.  My little 5 year old sins of whining and being disobedient to my parents, my 9 year old sins of huffing and puffing around the house doing chores with a bad attitude and my future 31 year old sins of snapping at my husband or being selfish with my time.  

Jesus died for it all and I was no longer a slave to my sins, but had a new beginning of being a child of God.  

I didn't become perfect when He adopted me.

He accepted me as I was and as He knew I would someday be.  

With all of my imperfections...He loves me.

With all of my unkind words and thoughts...He loves me.

With all of my doubts of His perfect plan...He loves me.  

My adoption story isn't over yet.  It's a work in progress.  

Daily - I have to commit myself to my relationship with Him.

Daily - I have to ask for His forgiveness.

But it's a story I am so thankful to have.

I wonder if you have been adopted.  It's the best family to be a part of.


Thanks for coming along with me on my 31 day journey.  I hope you enjoyed the series.  As much as I loved doing it, I will be happy to get back to my not-blogging-every-day-life.  I think I'm going to go have a party with myself...maybe Max will join me...



  1. best ending to a series, ever. :)

    thank you SO much for all the helpful info! i plan on sticking around and learning through your next adoption process, too!

  2. It's been a wonderful series. So glad you shared it with us. :)

  3. Awwww!!!! What a great finale! Gave me goosebumps! Thank you for having something very wonderful to look forward to everyday.

    It's exhausting, isn't it?!



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