The Waiting Game

I don't like waiting and I don't like surprises.  

These dis-likes don't mesh very well with the adoption process.  Timing is out of my control and I definitely don't know what surprises may come our way.  

But I'm thankful.  So thankful that I get to take this journey of adoption again.  Thankful that it's another way that God is drawing me closer to Him.  

Maybe you are waiting.  Waiting for paperwork to go through.  Waiting for an answer from God about whether or not you should adopt.  Waiting to go meet your child in another country.  Waiting to be chosen by a birthmom.  Waiting for your spouse to be on board with you.  

Whatever you are waiting for, my prayer is that you turn to the ONE who wants the very best for you.  His best...not what you think is best.  

If you are waiting {for anything}, I would love to pray for you specifically.  Feel free to leave a comment or send me an e-mail letting me know.



  1. You can pray for my husband, son, and I! We are waiting for next Wednesday (first meeting with our social worker at our house), and then the waiting we will go through to bring our child home to us.

  2. Thanks for the encouraging reminder Abby! I have been waiting and will continue to wait on the Lord for a husband.



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