Interview with Myself

How long did your adoption process take from start to finish?
We went to an orientation at the adoption agency in October of 2009 and Max was born on June 27, 2010...so 8 months.
Why did you choose adoption?
We tried adding to our family for about 4 1/2 years the old-fashion way and were unsuccessful.  Even when I was younger, I told people that I would like to adopt someday.  Once I was ready, Wes took a little longer to be on board, but God's timing is so perfect.  

Sidenote: Wes always told people when they asked when were going to start a family that he and I were already a family.  Isn't that so sweet?
Why did you choose domestic adoption?
We never really considered international adoption mainly because of the traveling.  The cost is cheaper and we just felt like there was a big need for domestic adoption.
What adoption agency did you go through and how did you decide?
Adoption Support Center in Indianapolis - Our friends' neighbors adopted their two children from ASC. I also liked what I saw on their website.  Before we went to the orientation, Wes and I decided that if we liked what we heard and had that "feeling", we would stick with the agency.  There are so many good agencies out there, we could have been looking for a long time.  

How old was your adopted child when you brought him home?
We were in the delivery room when Max was born.  It was an amazing experience!

He was 2 days old when we took the 2 hour drive home.  We were worried that Max would hate his car seat. Thankfully, he liked it and we had a peaceful ride home.

What was the hardest adjustment for your family?
Making sure that Wes and I were communicating and expressing our expectations for all of the new things that were coming our way.
What surprised you the most about the adoption process?
How involved Max's birthmom allowed us to be with the entire process.  In addition to being able to see Max come into the world, we were also able to go to a few doctor's appointments.
Tell us about your child’s name.  Is there a story or special meaning behind his name?
Max's first name is John.  So, he's actually a John Maxwell.  Max is a fourth generation John.  His great-grandpa was John B.  His grandpa is John Michael and Wes is John Wesley.  

What has God taught you through adoption?
I can't say it enough.  God's plan is the best!  What I looked at as a very unfortunate situation {not being able to get pregnant}, God turned into something absolutely beautiful and amazing!
How much did your adoption cost?

Have you been asked any awkward/funny questions or comments that you would like to share?
Check out my Four {Funny} Things post
What is one thing you would tell someone who is considering adoption?
Pray about it.  Take a leap of faith and check out a couple of agencies.  God will close the door if it's not part of his plan for your family.  



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