20 Questions for Birthmoms

Here are some questions that, if your situation allows, you could ask your child's birthmom.  

The answers to these questions could be helpful as your child begins to become curious about his or her birth family.

1. What did you like to do as a child?. 

2. What are your favorite foods?

3. What type of music do you like?

4. Where is your favorite place to visit?

5. What is your favorite color?

6. What was your favorite subject?

7. Did you have a favorite book growing up?

8. Do you have any favorite childhood memories?

9. What special talents do you have? 

10. What age did you learn to walk?

11. What are five adjectives to describe yourself?

12. When did you learn to read?

13. Does anyone in your family wear glasses?

14. Are you allergic to anything?

15.  What is your favorite flower?

16. What are your favorite hobbies/activities?

17.  What are plans for your future?

18. What fears did you have before meeting us?

19. When did you start thinking about adoption?

20. What do you want for Max as he grows up?

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  1. So wish I could ask these questions and many more...

  2. Wonderful questions! One of our BM kept a journal through her pregnancy to give to our daughter. I answers many of these questions and more. Our son doesn't have one and I think I will be sending these questions to here to put in his adoption box. :)



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