Questions Birth Moms Ask

Meeting a potential birth mom is very nerve-racking.  We met with 2 other birth moms before we met Max's.  I will tell you that anticipating the meeting was way worse than the actually meeting itself.  I'm never good with unexpected situations.  Thankfully, our adoption agency has a case worker that comes along and facilitates the meeting.  I would think that most agencies do that.

I wanted to give you a list of potential questions the birth mom may ask you.  Some of the answers to these questions are pretty obvious, but I think that it's good to have them thought out.

* Why do you want to adopt?
* Why did you choose this agency?
* Do you want to know the sex of the baby?
* Do you have a name picked out?
* What theme do you have for the nursery?
* How will we stay in contact after the baby is born?
* Would you know how to care for their skin and hair? (white couple adopting a bi-racial or black baby)    
* How many children would you like to have?
* Would you be able to come to some doctor's appointments with me?
* Do you want to be at the hospital when I deliver?
* Is your family excited about you adopting?

I could be wrong as I have never been on the birth mom's side of the meeting, but I think more than anything, they just want to get a feel for you.


It's OK if you're not chosen.  We've been there and it's a very humbling experience, but we had to keep reminding ourselves that her baby was not our baby.

What questions were you asked when meeting with a potential birth mom?

For some other great possible questions, read April's comment below.


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  1. Some actual questions asked by our daughters' birth parents:
    * How do you discipline?
    * How are the schools in your area?
    * How do you feel about me breastfeeding the baby in the hospital?
    * Will you still adopt the baby if he/she is not born healthy?
    * Will you have separate visits with us(birth parents) if we aren't getting along?
    * Can we bring friends or relatives along to our visits?
    * Will you tell her/him that she/he is adopted? (for a semi-open adoption)
    * When will you tell us your last name? (semi-open adoption)



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