Adoption Books for Children

A few of these books are no longer in print, so you will have to find them used.

A is for Adoption
I would love this to be a resource for adoptive families.  If you have a book related to adoption, feel free to add it to the link below.  The link can be where you would purchase the book {i.e. Amazon}.


  1. um. your whole BLOG is a resource for me! :)

  2. Abby - I just came across a book called "You Were Loved Before You Were Born" by Eve Bunting. I wondered if you'd read it and if it would be a good one to add to this list. The description I found said "It's about aunts, cousins and grandparents preparing for the baby to come."

  3. Sorry to comment twice! I discovered a post on Parenting.com of the 24 Best Books to Pass to your Kids and there was another one I thought would be good for this list. (Who doesn't love Max Lucado books?!) It's called "Just in Case You Wonder" and it's all about loving our kids no matter what. The quote they use next to the recommendation is from an adoptive mom.



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