Adoption Videos

Here are some of my favorite adoption videos.  I wish we would have done one, but we were to busy worrying about being responsible for another human being to think straight enough to put something like this together.  

Grab a cup of coffee {or in my case, some chai}, some tissues, get comfy and enjoy these videos displaying the miracle of adoption.

Kelly at My Overthinking has a great video they created to remember their adoption of their sweet, little Lydia.  I was going to put the video directly onto this post, but I think you are really going to want to see what she has up her sleeve starting Monday and going through Christmas.  I know I can't wait to find out more!

Do you have an adoption video?  Please tell me where I can find it!  I haven't cried enough today...


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  1. Amanda Jean Xinzhi -- November 3rd, 2003. First of six.




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